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About Us

Placeholder ImageFull House Company is located in Melbourne, Florida and has been supplying the Pre-Hung Door Industry since 1981.
We have grown over the years through innovation and the ability to adapt to the changing market. With a knowledgeable staff and experience in over 1,000 door shops worldwide, we are dedicated to listening to your needs and helping to direct you to the proper solution. Whether you're a small start up or a major corporation, we are here to help our customers from start to finish.

Full House’s mission is to provide quality machinery that helps door companies increase profits by streamlining production and reducing labor costs, injuries and damages from unnecessary material handling.  Our employees will also provide you with a machinery company who can coordinate installation, setup, training and service of our pre-hanging door equipment. The needs at each location can vary considerably depending on market conditions and we can provide a coordinated effort to help you maximize output and profitability. From a small startup shop with only a few simple machines, to a major corporation with fully CNC operated lines, we will strive to fit your business with the perfect machinery for your volume while still providing you with options to grow.

Full House has a complete staff to help support our growing number of domestic and international customers. The staff includes design engineers, CAD operators, field service technicians, customer service and sales representatives.
We look forward to working with you.