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Weatherstrip Installation Machine


The "Weatherstrip Installation Machine" automatically inserts all types of weatherstripping into kerfed jambs.


WSM with Optional Cutoff Feature


  • Heavy duty design allows processing of up to 200 exterior jambs per hour.

  • Will handle all kinds of weatherstripping including foam, magnetic and compression.

  • Motor is reversible for running in either direction.

  • A larger motor has been added for quicker production.

  • A safety guard has been added around the stuffer wheel.

  • Can mount on bench or table.



Width of Jamb: Up to 7 1/4"
Height of Jamb: Unlimited
Weatherstripping: Foam, Magnetic, Compression                       
Capacity Rate: Up to 200 per hour


Machine Size: 6'L x 2'W x 2'H
Electrical Requirements: 120V 1 Phase 20AMP                                                                       
Air Requirements: NA                                                                                         
Shipping Weight: 250 lbs.