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Trimmer - Double End Trim Saw


The "Trimmer" has the speed, accuracy and versatility to meet the changing demands of today's door shops. The Trimmer will cut to length and miter casing and brickmould up to 4 1/2" wide. It will square cut and miter door stop to length. It will even process jambs up to 7 1/4" wide. The best feature is the ease of changeover from one setup to the next.

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  • Cut to length casing, jambs, door stop and brickmold all on one machine.

  • Heavy duty saws have 12" Carbide Tipped Blades that will process wide material.

  • Carriages have positive stops for switching between 45 and 90 degrees.

  • Material is clamped, cut and ejected in seconds making this one of the fastest saws on the market.

  • Drop chutes help direct off cut away from working surface.

  • Material is clamped securely against support fences that help straighten warped material prior to cutting.

Available Options

Digital Readout: Lengths are displayed in fractions or mm for exact measurements.
Kerfing: Machines the corners of casing for metal spline nails.
Jamb/Leg: Cuts jambs to length on one end only saving the dado.
Automatic Sizing: (See CNC Trimmer Page) Operator touch screen and servo are added for single touch recall. Lengths can be typed in or selected from up to 200 presets. No need to remember all the different lengths. Program ensures the saw keeps consistent lengths by self calibration. Makes training new employees much easier. Material counters are standard with this option.


Material: Casing, Jambs, Door Stop, Brickmold
Height: 18" to 98"
Width: Miters up to 4 1/2", straight cut up to 7 1/4"
Thickness:    Up to 1 1/2"


Machine Size: 12'L x 3'W x 3'6"H
Electrical Requirements:          230v 3phase 30AMP                                                                                                                                      
Air Requirements: 4.5 CFM @ 100 PSI
Shipping Weight: 1500 lbs.