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Single Gun Stop Stitcher


The "Single Gun Stop Stitcher" quickly and accurately applies stop to flat jambs. Changeover of sizes, profiles and staple patterns does not require any adjusting of the machine making it very user friendly.

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  • Jambs are securely clamped in place by depressing the foot pedal.

  • Will process up to 6 jambs per minute.

  • Fasterners can be placed anywhere along the material without adjustment.

  • No adjustment is necessary for processing different lengths jambs up to 8'.

  • Will process square or mitered door stop.

  • Stop guide on traveling gun assembly straightens and aligns the stop prior to applying.

  • Quick change stops are included for switching the backset to match 1 3/8" & 1 3/4" doors.

  • Jamb stops are referenced from the inside of the dado to ensure proper alignment.

  • Quick change stops are custom built to match required header setbacks.

  • Finished jambs are automatically ejected to a material rack behind the machine.

  • Machine comes standard with Senco SLP20XP Brad nailer or Senco SLS20XP Stapler with remote firing kit. Custom gun mount for different brand guns can be made upon request.

  • Extended magazine is recommended to help minimize downtime for re-loading.


Width of Jamb: Up to 7 1/4"
Thickness of Jamb: Up to 3/4"
Backset: Adjustable to match up to 2 1/4" doors
Stop Width & Thickness: Adjustable to match all standard sizes


Machine Size:                                                   8'L x 3'W x 4'H
Electrical Requirements:                                                   120V 1phase 15AMP                               
Air Requirements:                                                    5 CFM @ 100 PSI
Shipping Weight:                                                    655 lbs.