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Hanger Exterior Door Loader


The "Hanger Exterior Door Loader" is used to feed exterior doors on to the Hanger Assembly Table by the push of a button, eliminating employee back problems, fatigue, damage to product.


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  • Automatically adjusts to any height, width and thickness of door

  • Accommodates a door stack height of up to 66"

  • Will pick up heavy doors up to 2 ¼” thick

  • No adjustment needed to pick up doors with raised moulding

  • Optional floor conveyors can be added to allow staging of multiple orders

  • Empty pallets are removed from the front of the machine so material flow is not interrupted

  • The loader can be set up to feed either right or left depending on shop layout

  • Reduces damages and injuries while increasing production of the Hanger.

  • The loader can run in either manual or automatic cycle


Types of Doors: Exterior Doors                                               
Height: Up to 8'
Width: 1'0" to 4'0"
Thickness: Up to 2 1/4"


Machine Size: 10'L x 8'W x 11'H
Electrical Requirements: 230V 3 Phase 30AMP
Air Requirements: 7 CFM @ 90-100 PSI                                                                           
Shipping Weight: 2,000 lbs.