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Finisher- Casing & Packaging Machine


The "Finisher" is designed to put the finishing touches on interior and/or exterior pre-hung doors. The unique design reduces labor and damage by allowing one operator to rotate and flip the pre-hung unit.


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  • The Finisher pneumatically lifts and rotates the pre-hung door unit allowing one operator to apply casing to all sides of the door and then orient the head in the right direction for packaging and shipping.

  • Two electric belts aid in the flipping of the pre-hung to case or work on the opposite side.

  • Easily flip the unit for casing split jambs or applying the head stop to flat jambs.

  • Holsters and air connections have been added for staple guns.

  • Storage under the table for extra staples and materials.

  • No need for lifting or walking around a table or conveyor to finish door units.

  • High Production Shops might use multiple finishers per door line.

  • Optional tilt-up feature eliminates the need for a separate tilt table.


Types of Doors: Interior and Exterior Doors
Height: Up to 8'
Width: 1'0" to 3'0"
Thickness: Up to 2 1/4"


Machine Size: 8'L x 5'W x 3'H
Electrical Requirements: 120v 1Phase 15AMP
Air Requirements: 2 CFM @ 90-100 PSI                                 
Shipping Weight: 800 lbs.