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DTS - Door Transfer System


Is applying casing to the door unit slowing you down?
Let us help design and build a custom streamlined solution for a new or existing door line. 
Casing and packaging will no longer be your door line's bottleneck. 


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  • Two industrial belt conveyors transfer door units from the Assembler to individual workstations.

  • Heavy duty pop-up rollers allow units to easily roll from the DTS to each Finisher.

  • Will keep up with the fastest door lines on the market.

  • Number of workstations depends on the required production.

  • Individual call buttons allow operators immediate access to the next door. 

  • The length and width of the DTS can be customized to fit your particular shop flow.


Types of Doors: Interior and Exterior Doors
Height: Up to 8'
Width: 1'0" to 4'0"
Thickness: Up to 2 1/4"


Machine Size: 18'L x 6'W x 3'H
Electrical Requirements: 120v
Air Requirements: 3.5 CFM @ 90-100 PSI                                
Shipping Weight: 3000 lbs