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Double Door Assembly Table


The "Double Door Assembly Table" gives an accurate, square, pneumatically assisted station to help construct complex door units. The assembly table is engineered to allow a single operator to pre-hang interior or exterior double doors and complex exterior door units with sidelites and/or transoms. The table will quick adjust for inswing or outswing exterior door assembly.

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  • Jambs or mull posts are pneumatically clamped and held in position for nailing or screwing.

  • Clamp channels are adjustable for various width units.

  • Double door supports are used to keep the unit level during pre-hanging.

  • Adjustable sidelite and transom pullouts are used for larger units.

  • Sidelite units can be built using a continuous head and sill or boxed sidelites.

  • Activating the foot pedal, the finished door unit is pneumatically tilted to a vertical position within 6 inches from the floor for easy movement to a door cart.

  • 2 large cylinders and 2 additional booster cylinders are used to lift even the heaviest units.

  • Custom tables can be built to match your requirements. Several variations have been manufactured over the years.

  • Helps eliminate stress, strain and back related injuries from lifting these heavy door units.


Width: Singles up to 4', Doubles up to 6', Complex units up to 9'
Height: Up to 9'0"
Interior Doors: Single and Double Doors (flush bolt or ball catch)
Exterior Doors:               
Single and Double Doors (inswing or outswing), Sidelites, Transoms


Machine Size: 7'4"L x 7'4"W x 3'6"H                                                                                                
Electrical Requirements: NA
Air Requirements: 1.5 CFM @ 100 PSI
Shipping Weight: 1000 lbs.