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Door Stacker


The "Door Stacker" palletizes doors for shipping or in-shop movement and ends unnecessary balancing, bending and lifting. The Door Stacker is often used in door shops producing for retail stores or distribution to lumberyards.


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  • A completed door unit is placed on a pallet inside the stacker for vertical staging.

  • Accomodates interior or exterior door units with or without trim applied.

  • Plastic teeth hold each door unit while the door pack is being built.

  • With a flip of a switch the units are complressed to allow for bracing or banding.

  • Once bracing has been added, a button is pushed and the door pack can be removed from the back of the machine.

  • Allows for a good workflow of doors in the front and door packs out the back.

  • Door Stackers are best used at the end of the door line after the Tilt Table.

  • Optional Auto Change Door Height can be added for quickly switching between 6'8", 7'0" & 8'0".

  • Optional Pneumatic Pallet Stop & Conveyor System allows door packs to roll directly to a stretchwrapper.

  • Double & Triple Door Stackers are also available.


Types of Doors: Interior and Exterior Prehungs
Height: Up to 8'0"
Width: Up to 4'0"
Trim: With or Without


Machine Size: 4'L x 4'W x 9'H
Electrical Requirements: NA
Air Requirements: 1 CFM @ 90-100 PSI                                            
Shipping Weight: 500 lbs.