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Door Loader/Unloader


The "Door Loader/Unloader" is completely automatic and controlled from the Touch Screen. It adjusts to any door width from 1'0" to 4'0" and height up to 8'0". The Door Loader will pick the top door from a stack and place it on the in-feed table. Automatic spin is integrated into the machine, for left or right hand doors. No need to prestack the doors accordingly ahead of time. The door is then automatically fed into a Horizontal Door Machine or Beveler/Sizer at the proper time. The Door Loader will save a lot of time and eliminate injuries from hand loading.


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Auto Size and Infeed Floor Conveyors Safety Cages w/ Light Curtains


Loader with Spin for Left/Right Hand Door Loading (8/0 Solid Core in Video)


  • Automatically adjusts to any height, width and thickness of door

  • Accommodates a door stack height of up to 66"

  • Will pick up heavy doors up to 2 ¼” thick

  • Automatic Door Spin eliminates the need to stack your doors based on left or right hand
  • Includes Safety Cages and Light Curtain for safety
  • No adjustment needed to pick up doors with raised moulding

  • Optional floor conveyors can be added to allow staging of multiple orders

  • Empty pallets are removed from the front of the machine so material flow is not interrupted

  • The loader can be set up to feed either right or left depending on shop layout

  • The loader can run in either manual or automatic cycle


Types of Doors: Interior and Exterior Doors
Height: Up to 8'
Width: 1'0" to 4'0"
Thickness: Up to 2 1/4"


Machine Size: 11'L x 8'W x 8'H 
Electrical Requirements:       230v 3Phase 30AMP
Air Requirements: 15 CFM @ 90-100 PSI                                     
Shipping Weight: 3,600 lbs.