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CNC Door Lite Router

The "CNC Door Lite Router" uses the latest in computer technology to give the operator complete control to precisely machine residential wood, residential steel, fiberglass, commercial wood & commercial steel doors. This machine will prep the door for all size and type lites, locks, deadbolts, and peep sites. This machine will also accommodate sidelites as narrow as 10". Combining speed, accuracy, and ease of operation, the CNC Door Lite Router is ideal for any door shop.

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6'8" Fiberglass Door - Full Lite, Lock and Deadbolt


  • Process residential wood, steel & fiberglass doors for lites, locks & peep sites.
  • Process commercial wood & hollow metal steel doors for lites, locks & custom hardware.
  • Reduce inventory by processing doors quickly to order.

  • Complete operation is automatic eliminating possible operator error and fatigue. Also eliminates operator itching and breathing of fiberglass dust while cutting doors.
  • Computer numerically controlled router head will accurately machine any size and shape door lite in doors up to 8'0" in height.
  • Handles all doors & sidelites from 1'0" to 4'0" in width.
  • Door thicknesses can range from 1 3/8" to 2 1/4".
  • Machine comes programmed for the most common hardware and door lites. Additional programs can be pre-programmed by Full House.
  • Programs can be easily created, modified, or deleted.

  • Machines doors with raised molding on both sides.
  • Lock and Deadbolt boring is accomplished in the machine without having to reposition the door. Custom lock and deadbolt locations are simply typed in and located using CNC controls. No need to move the door to a second station or stop system. This drastically saves time and possible operator alignment errors.

  • Half bore: Automatically prep doors for a third lockset that is accessible from only one side. This option is very popular for companies machining doors for apartment buildings.
  • 10 HP High Frequency Router: Automatically switch spindle speed for fiberglass, wood and steel doors.
  • Peep sites larger than 1/2" diameter can be machined.

  • Tool Changer: Includes automatic tool changer for hands free changing of bits.
  • Train new employees in a very efficient manner.
  • Machine can be pre-programmed by Full House to process all leading door & lite manufacturers specifications.

  • Single Touch Recall to instantly switch between pre-set programs for all major door & door lite manufacturers. 
  • Diagnostic screens easily accessible for trouble shooting timers, sensors, valves and cylinders.
  • Onsite training is included to teach operators how to quickly create and modify programs.

  • Dust collection hookups and door blow offs come standard with the machine.
  • Auto Infeed, Outfeed, and Door Width Control: Maximizes production outputs


Available Options

      Standard Edge Prep: Machines standard 1" latch and 1" x 2-1/4" faceplate on door edge. Location is typed into the touch screen for
      precise machining at desired location.

      CNC Edge Prep: Special CNC lock module is added for machining all commercial locks and multipoint locks.
      A high frequency edge prep router is included in this option. Different lock preps are simply selected from the
      touch screen. Locks can be up to 4 1/2" deep with up to 69" in length & 2-1/4" in width. Longer faceplates are also easily
      machined with this option. Programmed to machine Ving Card, Onity, Hoppe, W&F, Yale etc.....

      Internet Service Package, Wifi, and Standard Programming Package: This option allows the machine to be remotely accessed over
      the internet for troubleshooting or custom programming. This also includes our standard programming template system for easily
      adding, deleting, or editing door recipes.

      Dust Collection System: Integrated 5 HP Dust Vac System with auto start

      Cut Outs: A portable trash bin or conveyor system can be added for easy removal of cut outs.

   *Options are available for loading, unloading and transferring doors to and from the CNC Door Lite Router.
     Custom assembly lines for single and double doors can be incorporated to maximize overall productivity and
     material flow*


Types of Doors:                                                  Interior & Exterior:

                                                 Steel, Fiberglass, Wood & MDF
Height:                                                  Up to 8'0"
Width:                                                  1'0" to 4'0"
Thickness:                                                  Up to 1 3/4"(Optional up to 2 1/4")
Lock Size:                                                  All sizes over 1/2"
Backset:                                                  Any
Faceplate:                                                  1" x 2 1/4" (Up to 1 1/8" x 2 1/4")

                                                 *Larger with Edge Option*
Peep Site:                                                  Any size over 1/2" Diameter, Any Location on Door
Lites:                                                  Maximum sizes are limited to within 1.75" from the stiles                   
Capacity:                                                  60 doors per hour
Machine Size:
11'L x 7'6"W x 7'H                          
Electrical Req:
230v 3 Phase 30AMP                                                   
Air Req:
5 CFM @ 90-100 PSI
Shipping Weight:                    
5,500 lbs


*The CNC Door Lite Router's features, capabilities, specifications and electrical requirements can be fully customized to meet the needs of our domestic and international customers. Please contact us for more available options.