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The Full House "Assembler" is used to quickly and accurately assemble interior and exterior doors and jambs. Its unique method of clamping and squaring the door unit ensures a consistent quality of the pre-hung unit every time. The Assembler saves valuable time by allowing a unit to be completely pre-hung in seconds rather than minutes. The touch screen operation gives the operator full control over door width adjustment, staple patterns, jamb type and jamb widths.

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  • Simple to operate and train new employees how to effectively pre-hang a door unit.

  • Consistently builds a great quality pre-hung.

  • The door and hinge jamb are moved into the machine on non-marking rollers.

  • The operator places the strike jamb and head jamb into the machine ready for clamping.

  • With the push of a button the entire unit is clamped square.

  • The clamped header signals which staplers need to fire for either a right or left hand door.

  • The unit is completely pre-hung in 15 seconds and ejected on a second set of non-marking rollers.

  • Staple patterns are quickly changed or adjusted on the touchscreen display. This controls all 4 staple guns reducing setup time when switching between jamb types and sizes.

  • The unique clamping system handles doors up to 8' in height and from 1'6" to 4' in width. Width is servo adjusted by choosing the correct door width on the touch screen display.

  • Jamb width and Jamb type (split, flat, rabbeted) are chosen through the touch screen display, and the machine automatically adjusts accordingly.
  • Machine comes standard with Senco NS20XP Staple guns with remote firing kits. Custom gun mounts for different brand guns can be made upon request.

  • The Assembler is compatible with any brand of horizontal or vertical door machine.

Available Options

  • Duplex Side Nailer
  • Clamp only for screwing jambs
  • Inline Lock Installation


Types of Doors: Interior and Exterior                                   
Height: Up to 8'0"
Width: 1'6" to 4'0"
Up to 2 1/4"
Types of Jambs: Flat, Split, Single or Double Rabbetted     
Height: Up to 8'0"
Width: 4-9/16" to 7-1/4"
1/2" - 1-1/2"


Machine Size: 11'6"L x 8'W x 3'H
Electrical Requirements: 230v 1phase 15AMP
Air Requirements: 10 CFM @ 100 PSI                                                                          
Shipping Weight: 1600 lbs.