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CNC Jamb Router

The "CNC Jamb Router" uses the latest computer technology to give the operator complete control over this proven machine. The large color touch screen is preset with all measurements and offsets for standard strikes, deadbolt
strikes, T-strikes, multipoint hardware, ball catch, commercial strikes, hinges and more. Each setup is changed
instantly and does not rely on the operator to read a tape or follow a template for proper setup. The CNC Jamb Router
will not only save a tremendous amount of setup time, it will ensure your jambs are precisely measured every time.


Hinge Prep w/ Pre-drill

Strike and Deadbolt Prep

Cut to Length and Machining of Head Jamb


  • Will Machine:
    • Hinge Jambs
    • Strike Jambs
    • Hinge Prep on Mull Post
    • Strike Prep on Mull Post
    • Prep Header for Mull Post
    • Jambs, Head Jambs and Mull Posts for Multipoint Locks
    • Interior Strikes
    • Interior Headers for Double Doors (Ball Catch or Flush Bolts)
    • Any Special Commercial or Architectural Specs
    • Top and Bottom Dado preps
  • Hi frequency router is used for quiet operation and a long lasting life cycle.

  • Custom built frame and clamping system to ensure proper machining.
  • 3 axis control system is used for unlimited machining potential.
  • Dust collection hookups are provided to keep work area clean.
  • Automatic jamb clamps and ejects maximize production through the machine.
  • Single touch recall for thousands of different profiles.
  • Machine comes programmed for the most common hardware. Additional programs can be pre-programmed by Full House.
  • Quickly and accurately machines split jambs, flat jambs, rabbetted exterior jambs, mull posts and more.

  • Programs can be easily created, modified, or deleted in the field using the user friendly wizards or G-Code.
  • Machines headers for ball catch hardware including faceplate mortising. Preset programs and offsets allow machining headers for double doors without repositioning the jamb.
  • Machine strike jambs for standard and deadbolt bores without repositioning the jamb. Spacing between can be changed instantly.
  • Down flute spiral bit results in a clean machined edge.
  • Standard and custom T strikes are machined as easily as standard strikes.
  • Automatic calibration ensures consistent quality.
  • Train new employees in a very efficient manner.
  • Precisely machine for even the most complicated multipoint hardware. Multipoint hardware often has several layers with different depths which make machining with a standard strike jamb router impossible.

  • Programmable tool compensation gives the operator control over the cuts with different size bits.
  • Diagnostic screens easily accessible for trouble shooting timers, sensors, valves and cylinders.
  • Digital timers are very useful when setting optimal cutting speed based on the type of material.

Available Options

  • Cutoff Saw:  Additional motor and 12" saw blade for cutting jambs to length during the machining process. Max cutting width: 7-1/4"
  • Automatic Pre-Drill: Includes one HSD Hi-Frequency motor mounted to each router head. All pilot holes for hinges are automatically drilled in less than 5 seconds following the hinge routing process. The Automatic Pre-Drill System is built in to the cycle of the machine making it fast, efficient, and accurate while saving the operator time and energy. The Automatic Pre-Drill is CNC controlled and can be programmed for any hinge screw hole configuration. Multiple configurations can be saved for instant changeover.
  • Automatic Square Corner Chisel:  Built into the router head, the square corner unit automatically chisels each corner of your hinge pocket and drags down and out leaving a perfect corner every time. This unit is CNC controlled for full customization..


         Routing:                                                  10" x full length of jamb                                    
         Length:                                                  Up to 120"
         Width:                                                  Up to 10"
         Thickness:                                                  Up to 3"


Machine Size:
12'L x 3'W x 4'H
Electrical Requirements:
230v 3phase 50AMP                                    
Air Requirements:
4 CFM @ 100 PSI                                                              
Shipping Weight:
1800 lbs.